Do you like Kanye West? Do you like podcasts? Well! We provide a lyrical analysis of Kanye West, in podcast form(!), going track by track through Ye's discography. We find new ways to appreciate old favorites like College Dropout, Late Registration, and Graduation. We'll show how 808s and Heartbreak is the starting point for the current version of Ye. We pull back the curtain on the socio-political exploration that is My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. We'll blow your mind when we show that Yeezus is one, cohesive narrative. And how The Life of Pablo might be Kanye's most brilliant album yet.
We also get into some Kanye news, North West news, and have the most insane Jay-Z news you will ever hear. We hope you listen and enjoy!


thank you!

i highly recomment this podcast to anyone interested in the art of kanye west.
first of all, thank you guys for the amount of time you invest in this podcast - i've been listening to basically every episode you did on the 'new kanye' albums and read your analyses on r/kanye.
i study art and design in berlin and the knowledge of film analysis you provide is very important for me. in my upcoming project i basically merge yeezus with nolan's memento and inception & trier's trilogy and put it into a series of drawings/paintings + short films/music.
also, here is my top ten song list:
1. wolves + frank's track
2. i'm in it
3. blood on the leaves
4. hold my liquor
5. new slaves
6. fml
7. say you wil
8. i am a god
9. runaway
10. devil in a new dress
ps: good luck with the yeezus book, i'll definitely order one copy (definitely include an entire chapter for the stage design, narrative, live performances/merch/cover art/influences, production...)
stay wavy!
@fabian__louis (instagram)