What happens at the intersection of game design, life, and the pursuit of excellence? Game Design Zen is your #1 resource for the science, art, and business of developing better games. Whether you are just getting started in this crazy business, or have the wisdom that comes from weathering the storms, there is always room to level up.
Curtiss Murphy : Your host is a seasoned veteran with over 12 years in the gaming industry, spanning AAA, Indy, and military training games. He is an award winning speaker, author, and game designer. He presents with a unique blend of energy, science, and stories that have earned him invitations to conferences across the country. He gives the yearly keynote at the National Science Foundation Edugaming workshop, has decades of development experience, and is widely recognized as a thought leader in serious games. He is a speaker, consultant, and game designer.
Join the conversation as we travel the path of game design, life, and the pursuit of excellence!
Topics : Game Design, Flow, Paradox of Choice, Simplicity, User Interface Design, Player Perspective, Goals, Feedback, Monetization, Free to Play, Premium, Team Dynamics, Communication, Mindset, Software Engineering, AAA, Indy, Serious Games, Retention, Addiction, Game Loops, Mechanics, Getting a Job, Story, and Mystery Box.


Great stuff!

This is the best gamedesign podcast that I know. Highly recommended!
I hope I'll "level up to zen" one day too.