Candid conversations about yoga and beyond with outspoken teacher and writer, J. Brown, founder and director of Abhyasa Yoga Center in Brooklyn, NY. A leading voice in the Slow Yoga Revolution, J advocates for a more intimate, breath-centered, therapeutic yoga practice geared towards well-being and lessening of pain. On topics ranging from yoga philosophy, to the business of yoga, to subjects unrelated to yoga, J and his esteemed guests always have something interesting and intimate to share.


Real talks, real connection, real dirt

Alice and Hana
I have been listening to these talks for a while and I have gradually become more and more compelled by them. J is so real and open about his life and realities as a yoga teacher, and it has drawn me in. His guests are also increasingly fascinating, I'm finding. And the relaxed and open interview style offers real insight into yoga now, in the past, and where things may be going. I love what you're doing here, J, thanks.

I've become a yoga talks junkie

I've gone a bit overboard, but I really like listening to these talks.

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Thank you for your Podcasts.
I enjoy them very much . Love from Germany 🙏🏼