This is Real Talk Radio, the podcast that's filled with refreshingly honest conversations about the wonderful mess of being human. In a world that's hell-bent on selling us things to "fix" ourselves, this show represents a small but powerful rebellion by people who just want to be real. During each eight-episode season, show host Nicole Antoinette sits down with a wide range of beautifully imperfect people - athletes, writers, entrepreneurs, parents, coaches, activists, adventurers, artists, and more - to dive into the truth of what’s really going on in their lives. The goal is for each episode to feel like a sigh of relief, reminding you that we’re all just doing the best we can, and that no matter what we’re in this together. For more information and show notes, visit


my favorite podcast!

i love listening to nicole talk to her guests. she is such an interesting and authentic person and so are her guests! i usually don't listen to long podcasts but this one is simply a treat. it feels like some good friends are talking to each other while i cook, clean the house or do whatever. i always feel understood, inspired and learn so much about myself. thank you, nicole!

Good but...

Tatyana Diamantine
The topics raised in the podcast are so important but has the host listened to herself? So many filler words that it becomes annoying.