Walrus takes on the intricate and wildly fascinating city that is Berlin. An exquisite adventure through one of the most exciting cities of the 21st century.
“So, does that mean this is a serious podcast?” Oh yes, very serious. Walrus is no jester. He has round glasses and wears matching socks. Luckily, the show also has giggly guests, edgy editing and telling tales. All topped off with a down to earth, self-deprecating voice-over.
“Now Walrus (is your name really Walrus?), another question please; what am I going to listen to in these half hour episodes? Will I be entertained, will you entertain me Walrus?” Yes, my sirupy sweetheart, you will be entertained. Walrus will caress those beautiful ears of yours with fascinating stories from the pulsating heart of Germany.
"Ok ok, enough already with your vague nonsense Walrus, you silly beast. I will listen to your tales already, your interviews, your exploration of Berlin, your soundbites and your overall manifestation as a flippered beast. Chill out Walrus, lie down a little. Let me do the listening. Sssht, ssssssht."


Kein Eintrag