Welcome to Key Conversations, where we talk about all the things to unlock the secrets to exploding your music career. Presented by In The Key Of Success, resources for musicians created by composer, songwriter and music biz mentor Cheryl B. Engelhardt. The conversations in Season 1 & 2 are between a special guest and participants of her MX4 Course - the Marketing and branding, Money-Making Motivation Masterclass for musicians. They are singers, songwriters, composers, producers and artists just like you, asking their burning questions to each of our guest experts: record label execs, Emmy-winning composers, CEOs, music supervisors, touring artists, and MANY more! Season 3 introduces a new format: 1-on-1 conversations with both music experts AND Musician Editions where the musician is in the coaching hot seat! All designed to help YOU make powerful moves in your career. Season 4 is a linear approach to releasing a record, following Cheryl's journey to releasing her 5th record to the #1 slot on iTunes and Amazon in New Age.


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