Ghost Stories is a podcast centered around the amazing lore and stories of Bungie's Sci-Fi videogame, Destiny. Each week the team breaks down specific aspects of a given topic and takes an in depth look at the in-game lore, character/mission/quest dialogue, item descriptions/flavor text, concept art, supplementary items, and any other relevant data we can find to help surface and explain the content in an easily accessible conversational audio format. Our dedication to uncovering the facts and truth about the lore have made us the premier Destiny lorecast.


Great podcast on destiny lore

I just started playing destiny and was looking for a podcast to help me find my way in the game. I stumbled upon this one and got sucked in pretty fast. It's not about the gameplay - it's about the lore and the world that destiny puts us in. In my first hours of gameplay I didn't really come to understand how rich of a background there is to the game. The guys presenting the podcast really opened my eyes to this and inspired me to engage with the story more. I guess you got to be a nerd to really appreciate this podcast... If you are, though, and if you happen to play destiny: I think you will like it a lot!