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The go to podcast for cinephiles

The filmcomment podcast has been a major discovery for me this year. I have been going through old episodes and I am always awaiting new episodes both for the information that is regularly shared and the humor every episodes contain. This is not a strictly academic podcast, people will go off-topic and make puns, but in terms of content for cinephiles, the filmcomment podcast ranks among the best thing one could listen to. The subjects of episodes vary greatly: some of them are about a specific film (old or new), some are festival reports (e.g. Cannes, Sundance), others are about specific topics/genres and then there are kind of event episodes like the movie gifts ones. If I had to pick a favorite moment/a moment that would show someone why I like the podcast so much, it would have to be Nick Pinkerton talking about Depardieu in the "Acting for All Ages" episodes. It moves from laugh-out-loud funny to a serious analysis of the actor's filmography and style.