Hello! My name is Craig Barton and I am a secondary school maths teacher, the TES Maths Adviser, creator of,, the author of "How I wish I'd taught maths", and a bit of a maths geek. This is my podcast!
Each episode, I interview someone from the world of education who interests and inspires me. They may be a maths teacher, such as Dan Meyer, Kris Boulton and Greg Ashman, or they may be from the wider world of education, such as Dylan Wiliam, Tom Bennett or Robert and Elizabeth Bjork. We cover issues such as lesson planning, problem solving, motivation, cognitive conflict, behaviour, memory, cognitive load theory, and a lot more.
Be warned, these interviews are intended to be long and in depth, and are probably best digested across a few journeys to work or a few laps of the park with your dog. At lot of people are using them as CPD on the move! I hope you find my guests as interesting and inspiring as I do, and please help spread the word!
You can contact me on Twitter, where I am @mrbartonmaths


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