No BS, real-life, street-smart conversations with some of the world's leading thinkers about how we can end the grind and create extraordinary lives. Let's face it… The world is changing and the traditional roadmap for success just isn't working anymore. So, what does it actually take for us to be happy and successful? How do we create a life of excitement and integrity, while living with a deep sense of purpose? Join us for a shockingly clear, fresh perspective on how to start living the dream.


Life Changing

Christian Brugger
This Dude has changed my life. And this interview series was a big part of that. Before I was doing a PhD in engineering and committed to the traditional career track (engineering job, project management, etc).
In the interviews I learned about the struggles and challenge of today's world class thinkers. From that, I learned two things. First, those people are humans and very relatable challenges. And second, those people have grown a very high sense of awareness and deep understanding about themselves, from which they are living a life of high intentions. The series inspired me to explore what that would mean for me and I never looked back.