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S3E21: Kick the Can

S3E21: Kick the Can

Let's get our best friends and play Kick the Can on a new episode of the podcast with my best friend Matt Sizemore!!! … Continue readingS4YA S321 – Kick the Can
Länge: 51:33
Let’s get our best friends and play Kick the Can on a new episode of the podcast with my best friend Matt Sizemore!!!
Matt is back on the show for the 4th or 5th time… I lost count, it’s fine. Always a joy and always a blast to talk to. Follow him at the links below!
Twitter: @souporsizemore
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mattsizemoreKIVITV/
Web: https://www.kivitv.com/matt-sizemore
Other: http://linkedin.com/in/matthew-sizemore-ab635b1a
Now, on to the show!
SHOW NOTES – Kick the Can
Show Info
Originally aired: 2/9/1962
Ernest Truex as Charles Whitley
Russell Collins as Ben Conroy
Directed by: Lamont Johnson (Directed other episodes? Yes)
Teleplay by: George Clayton Johnson (Wrote other episodes? Yes)
You, Me, and IMDB Synopses:
* You: old folks home gets a shot of youth when an oldy but goody remembers what kids are like
* Me: Oh, grow up… wait, wait, I don’t have to?! NOoOoOoOoOo!
* IMDB: An old man living in a rest home thinks he’s found the secret of youth in children’s games.
Initial thoughts
Favorite episode that he’s watched
Stray Observations
Who is more likely of us to believe in magic?
Best friends
What do you rate the episode?
3.5 old people
3.5 old people
Choose your Own Endventure
Matt – Scatman John makes an appearance, change the episode title to “Scatcan John”
Brandon – He gets arrested, episode title changed to “Kick the Manslaughter” or “Kick the Canslaughter”
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