Speaking Easy is a cocktail and home entertaining podcast with a twist. Co-hosts Alex Luboff and Jordan Wicker are both avid cocktail party hosts, often in the company of one another, and have had several people approach them separately to ask about sharing some of their accumulated knowledge on cocktails and entertaining.
The Speaking Easy Podcast aims to break down the cocktails, planning, and other details needed to throw a great party, whether it’s 4 people or 40.
Now that twist: we’re most definitely not professionals. Both podcast hosts hold “real” jobs, and outside of hosting in their homes, are not actual bartenders. Alex and Jordan are enthusiasts, and approach the show from that perspective. Speaking Easy is not trying to create a whole new cocktail revolution, but rather spread the word about how easy it is to master simple crowd-pleasing cocktails.
If you watch a lot of “how-to’s” out there, you may see a professional bartender recommending a $75, hard-to-find, obscure ingredient that, yes, might create a world-class drink. We, however, are more interested in crafting an always satisfying drink, night-after-night, for your friends and family. Leave the fancy work to the professionals, we’re just trying to keep the party going.
We don’t expect to teach you to be the best bartender in the world– we’re certainly not. We’re hoping, as we say at the end of each show, that you’ll come along as we all toast “to being a better drinker.”


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