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The Many Stages of 30 (feat. Tyree Vance)

The Many Stages of 30 (feat. Tyree Vance)

Transitioning through the different stages of 30 can happen over time or all at an instant. This week, the guys are joined by Tyree Vance - Educational Consultant, Speaker - as he shares his inner-most struggles in facing the many stages of 30.
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When 30 hits, it doesn't come with a handbook on how to survive. It simply assumes you've prepared. What happens when you get hit with unknowns you can't ever imagine preparing for? How about when you're knocked completely off course by a life-changing event you could never fathom? Join us as we journey down that road and discuss how a comeback from even the most devastating life changes in your 30s can be overcome - it just might take everything you've got.
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Take a journey with us as we tackle the hard truths and the joys of life in your 30s. This weekly show covers the disruptors, the history-makers and the storytellers driven by a desire to boldly live their truth and transcend career conformity. So, get ready for our real-life discussions on relationships, finances, career, race relations, community, life and a whole lot of laughs! Millennials, welcome to 30.


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