Whether it's -makes, -boots, or -volutionizing entertainment, we're your home for all things "Re".
Anticipating a future where all movies will be remakes, reboots or reimaginings, these three friends (Will, Jim and Ron) are getting ahead of the curve by honing their remake pitching skills in hopes of one day taking their rightful places among the Hollywood elite. Through their tried and true method of:
1. Watching a movie that has since been remade
2. Pitching a remake of said movie
3. Watching the actual remake to determine how their ideas stacked up against the pros
these boys cut through Hollywood's b******t and deliver the hottest pitches since Randy "Bird Exploder" Johnson donned a baseball cap and wreaked havoc on batters and birds alike with his golden arm and mesmerizing mustache. But these kinds of pitches are different than baseball pitches. These pitches is movies.


Kein Eintrag