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Kristian Nairn - Spektrum 050

Kristian Nairn - Spektrum 050

Länge: 59:54
Episode 50 of Spektrum is here, and this month Kristian Nairn has music from the likes of Nora En Pure, Jamie Jones, Andrew Bayer, LF System, Croatia Squad, and loads more.
01. Croatia Squad - Majestic (Ride Or Die)
02. Kristian Nairn - Groovebird
03. Jamie Jones - My Paradise (Vintage Culture Remix)
04. Daniel Portman - Falcon Eyes
05. Passenger 10 - A Better Day
06. Andrew Bayer - DNA
07. Matt Sassari - Step To
08. Croatia Squad - Street L
09. James Hype & Tita Lau - B2B
10. LF System - Hungry (For Love)
11. Wuki - Edge Of Seventeen
12. Zac & Weekend Heroes - Hold The Dust
13. Nora En Pure - Altered Destiny
14. Howard Jones feat. BT - The One To Love You (The Lifelike Mix)
Folgen-ID: 1000587403226
GUID: http://audio.thisisdistorted.com/repository/audio/episodes/Spektrum_050_192-1669242208290166316-MzU1NjgtODYyNjIyMTg=.mp3
Erscheinungs­datum: 24.11.2022, 16:00:00


Every month, Kristian Nairn, aka Hodor from HBO’s Game Of Thrones, brings you his own personal selection of the best house, tech and progressive around. As well as providing candid insight into the life of a leading actor, Kristian shines the spotlight on some of his favourite artists, and expertly shows off his skills as he goes in the mix. As a 60 minute musical journey showcasing cutting edge releases, this show is sure to delight Game Of Thrones fans and seasoned dance music fans alike.

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