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Regret & Guilt: Two Very Misunderstood Obsessions | Ep. 310

Regret & Guilt: Two Very Misunderstood Obsessions | Ep. 310

Regret & Guilt: Two Very Misunderstood Obsessions | Ep. 310
Länge: 19:45
What if you don’t identify with the concept of an obsession being a FEAR? It’s a repetitive thought or feeling, but you’re not scared of a specific outcome.  What is the UNCERTAINTY when it comes to these obsessions? 
Guilt Obsessions: 
WHAT IS OCD GUILT?  OCD Guilt over past mistakes “I shouldn't have done that”  “That was a mistake” 
OCD Guilt as a simple intrusive thought- no known mistake
“Is it bad that I did that”  “Did I make a mistake?”  “What could be the consequences” 
 REGRET obsessions. 
I’ve heard a lot about how guilt is a common intrusive feeling in OCD but not much about regret.  “I wish I didn't do that”  “I wish I had done it another way” 
Guilt and Regret accompanied with sadness?? 
How to stop OCD guilt? 
How to treat OCD guilt and regret
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Episode Sponsor:
This episode of Your Anxiety Toolkit is brought to you by CBTschool.com.  CBTschool.com is a psychoeducation platform that provides courses and other online resources for people with anxiety, OCD, and Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors.  Go to cbtschool.com to learn more.
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This is Your Anxiety Toolkit - Episode 310
Welcome back, everybody. We are at Episode 310. I just recorded it as 210 and I’m still in shock that we have hit 310 episodes. I recorded it and I was like, “Hang on a second. That doesn’t sound right.” And it wasn’t, and that still shocks me to this day. 
All right. Today, we are talking about a very important topic, which is guilt and regret. And I’ve called this episode Guilt and Regret: The Most Misunderstood Obsession, and I believe that to be true because a whole bunch of you are walking around wondering whether you have OCD or not because a lot of what you hear is that OCD is all about anxiety and uncertainty. But what about the folks who don’t have a lot of anxiety and a lot of uncertainty, but they’re having obsessive guilt and obsessive regret in the form of OCD guilt and OCD regret? So, I wanted to talk about that today. 
Before we do so, let’s quickly do the “I did a hard thing” segment. For those of you who are new, this is where listeners and followers share the hard thing that they’ve done. Why do I do this? Because so often, you guys forget that just because your hard thing is hard for you doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with that. I want you to see that hard things are hard things and we should celebrate them and we should share them, and this is a platform I want to do that with. So, this one is from Mars, and Mars said:
“After many weeks and years of hard work, I finally managed to reach an important stage of my career, and I ended up with two job offers.” Amazing. “Both were great really for different reasons, and I couldn’t choose. I went back and forth and tortured myself four months trying to get certainty about which one is the right choice. I’d never been so anxious in my life. Finally, today, I sent the final email, even though I wasn’t certain about the choice, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I finally feel like I can move forward with my life again.” 
Mars, number on
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Real Help

Katerina German
This podcast is so great! It is really helping me with prevailing anxiety. It’s so friendly, full of joy and energy as well as so many useful tools to cope with shame, stress or any other negative and anxious feelings.

Powerful questions changing my perspective

Hi Kimberley,
your Podcast is and was a great support to my recovery from ocd. I finished my erp-therapy in the mid of 2019 and was happy to find additional resources and tools.
With your questions and your focus on self-compassion you opened up my world a bit. I was very let’s say process oriented in doing my erp. Now I am getting more supportive with myself.
The only thing I would like to have is the possibility to participate more and to have the possibility to ask something I didn’t really understood (happens not very often 😋).
Overall, your content is super supportive and was really a foundation for learning and growing with erp.
I am looking forward to further episodes.

...almost therapy...

...I know, this podcast is not meant to replace psychotherapy, but Kimberly has brought together all the experts, the questions and the answers to issues of anxiety, ocd and even sometimes depression, that are worth knowing and exercising.
I’m a German licensed psychotherapist, and I very strongly recommend this podcast to all of my patients and sometimes I even request them to take one of her online courses in order to get therapy (in Germany psychotherapy is free to everybody)...
So, listen and exercise!
Michael from Bavaria, Germany