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Episode 0 – Intro

Episode 0 – Intro

Find out what Aethernea is about
Länge: 5:01
Aethernea is a new fantasy fiction and podcast series about a diametrically opposite duo of mages who use their powers and wits to explore the forbidden zone and discover a cure for a deadly plague. In this episode, you can find out more about Aethernea and what people say about it.
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GUID: http://aethernea.com/?p=283
Erscheinungs­datum: 6.5.2016, 11:54:53


Aethernea podcast is similar to an audiobook but with character voice acting, background music and sound effects to bring words to life. Aethernea is a fantasy web novel series with elements of mystery, adventure, action, romance and humor. It's about two unknown mages, surrounded by countless mysteries and secrets, end up joining the most prestigious university of magic and venturing into the forbidden zone to discover a cure for a deadly plague. The novel contains: • cerebral puzzles and mysterious clues, • adventure in a magical world, • climbing the social ladder, • well-developed characters with a lot of emotional depth, • a systematic almost scientific theory of magic, • duels of magic and wits, • humor, • romance. Aethernea is also available for reading for free at http://aethernea.com


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