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EP 14 WWPN-How I'm Livin' with Chef Babette! GUEST-Viki Radden

EP 14 WWPN-How I'm Livin' with Chef Babette! GUEST-Viki Radden

Viki Radden talks local food policy, water shortages, overpopulation, soil, lobbyists and other factors that affect our food supply.
Länge: 33:49
In EP 14, the final of a two-part series, guest Viki Radden shares knowledge that goes beyond theory on food policy.In her professional life, Viki focuses on job creating food hubs; how to reduce the impacts of climate change with urban agriculture; what your food really goes through before it gets to your plate; how you can afford good nutrition for good health; and what the government needs to do to support “clean, healthy food." This fall Viki will be launching an audio blog (podcast), FoodChatRadio on the art, science and business of food.
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WWPN launches with “How I’m Livin’ with Chef Babette!” a 30-minute podcast that comes out twice a week. Co-host Chef Babette Davis owns Stuff I Eat vegan restaurant in Inglewood, California with husband Rondal Davis. WWPN producer and co-host Marci Kenon checks in weekly with the 65-years-young celebrity chef and fitness enthusiast known as much for her incredible physique as she is known for her vegan soul food platter.
Chef Babette is an entrepreneur and social media darling with lots of experience and strategies to share with you about transitioning into a healthier lifestyle and staying youthful and fit while running a thriving business and building a stellar brand.
Chef Babette is an unapologetic vegan whose lifestyle changes in exercise and nutrition relieved her of asthma and eczema. “I used to be so rashed up I didn’t even look human,” the beauty recalls. WWPN producer Marci Kenon co-hosts with Chef Babette and in a second podcast they tag team special guests each week.
Chef Babette’s restaurant clientele includes retired basketball player John Salley, music producer Jermaine Dupri and Reverend Michael Beckwith, spiritual teacher featured in the book and movie “The Secret.”


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