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Tis The Season for Candy Cane and Sugar Plum Loving....The Art of Oral Pleasure

Tis The Season for Candy Cane and Sugar Plum Loving....The Art of Oral Pleasure

Everybody does it....some good, some bad. But what can you do to know that you are you on point for a standing ovation!?
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TONIGHT on Front Porch Sex Talk With Monica Lee join me and as I talk about The Art of Oral Pleasure. Yes, you can say that it is definitely a fine art. Some people are so precise with every movement and others are very abstract and not quite sure what is going on. So many times I get men and women asking me to help them out or their partners out as they may be lost and not even sure about the anatomy of those areas. Last thing you want to do is bite a candy cane...and most definitely you want to savor that sugar plum! Tonight we are going to break it all down and talk some real talk about how to make sure you are on your game for Candy Cane and Sugar Plum loving deliciousness! Grab your drink and seat and come sit on the Front Porch wtih us...because around here....this ain't ya mama's talk! Phone lines will be open to call in to say hello, or ask your questions! See you there...all my love...Monica Lee xoxo
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