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Nebraska Preview: The Big Ten Schedule Resumes

Nebraska Preview: The Big Ten Schedule Resumes

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January 1, 2023: As we enter a new year, Michigan State begins the Big Ten campaign in full with 18 games and a march to a potential championship. However, there are no easy wins in the Big Ten this year and protecting home court is a necessity after already losing their first to Northwestern. Fortunately, the Spartans will be full strength with a limited minutes Malik Hall as they host a feisty squad from Lincoln, NE.
This will be the last game without the Izzone so MSU will have to bring its own energy and not look past the Cornhuskers to their matchup against the Wolverines on Saturday. The first step in a Big Ten Championship begins Tuesday and if Michigan State has any serious designs on challenging for the title they need to take care of business.
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Michigan State basketball fanalysts Eric and Rod break down the Spartans to a level of detail that hardcore Spartan fans will love.


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