Welcome to Across the Board. We are a seasonal board game podcast that strives to be 60-90 minutes per episode. We are based in Omaha, Nebraska. The Board Members have been gaming together for just over 2 decades and we focus heavily on Kickstarter funded games and independent game publishers who are newly hitting the market or releasing their next game. Partnering with the growth of the industry and bringing "social interaction" back to the table to us is very important. We will certainly talk about all of the top favorites, cult of the new and all things board game industry related as well. We are focused on #nogameleftbehind
Join in for the fun and help us make this a great place to talk all things games. We may be the new guys but we hope to bring new perspective, drive good conversation and look back to see a continued growth in the board game industry.
Thanks in advance from your Hosts - Ryan and Dan


Kein Eintrag