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Simplifying Your Business Model + Sustainable, Long-Term Growth

Simplifying Your Business Model + Sustainable, Long-Term Growth

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Welcome to The Lifestyle Edit Podcast - a weekly show of thought provoking conversations and impactful fireside chat-style interviews led by our host and founder, Naomi Powell. Our goal is to empower you to get into the driver’s seat of your life and scale your business in a way that most aligns with the bigger context that you have for your life.
Every episode is designed to ignite something in you, expand you and offer new perspectives as you consciously evolve in all facets of your life. We cover topics like conscious entrepreneurship, CEO embodiment, financial independence and wealth creation, self leadership and energetic mastery and business and lifestyle design.
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Top of my inspiration list for 2020

Swede 30
Naomi is sharp, friendly and approachable. Her skill and knowledge shines through all that she does and I feel so inspired by her work and podcast in the best possible way.