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164 - Proving Yourself is NOT a Requirement

164 - Proving Yourself is NOT a Requirement

How to Feel Confident Selling Your Services
Länge: 9:35
Proving yourself is absolutely 100%, not a requirement.
We tell ourselves that if we just do this thing (Insert BS story here) that we'll feel more ready, more confident, more qualified. . . and that others will take us more seriously. But the truth is. . . the only requirement to being successful is that you believe in yourself!
If you've been telling yourself that you have to:
- Work for free before you can put yourself out there as an expert
-Get a list of powerful testimonials before you can start to charge what you're skills and services are worth
-Get a fancy degree or certification to prove that you're qualified
-Get your work published before people will take you seriously
This episode is for you! xo
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