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Chase Tolleson:  Change your vibration, change your life

Chase Tolleson: Change your vibration, change your life

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Chase is a lifelong fitness enthusiast who now integrates movement and lifestyle coaching into identity creation and life coaching. After the military, Chase opened a gym only to realize that the work that *truly* matters is on a soul level, and that the consistency we build in fitness is often a result of doing the proper inner work.
Today we talk about:
-How fitness is a gateway drug, a small step in a long journey
-How our language creates our reality, on a physical and metaphysical level
- For any goal to become permanent there *must* be an inner lying change in identity. And that scares a lot of people.
Connect with Chase here:
Instagram and tiktok: @coach_chase_tolleson
Website: https://www.chasetolleson.com
Mystical Giants Album:
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This podcast is all about mind, body and spirit integration. Sharing important aspects of self aware self care strategies. Telling my story, sharing other people's stories and inspiring you to get out of survival mode and finally thrive. I talk about what I've learned in my twenty years of holistic fitness, energy and health coaching and share with you what I've discovered along the way. Cultivating inspired conversations with incredible people and experts in the field of holistic health, fitness, metaphysics, spirituality and personal growth. Giving you a new perspective on your health and wellness journey.


Very insightful

Hanna Marie Bier
I love Allison’s approach to fitness and nutrition. She explains everything in a very grounded and practical way! Her podcast episodes have helped me understand what to eat and I am so much healthier for it. Thanks Allison!