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Change: How Do we Respond to a Sudden New Direction?

Change: How Do we Respond to a Sudden New Direction?

How do you respond to change? Do you resist, surrender, or align. Come join the Spirit Sisters as they share thier experience and response to sudden unexpected
Länge: 58:00
In this espidoe the Spirit Sisters share thier experience and response to sudden change in direction. As we move towards a more clear and concious state of being we are often challenged to recommitt to ourselves and the new vision that is asking for manifestation. How do you respond to change? Do you reisist, surrender, feel out of control, or do you align with where the change is moving? The only thing we can count on is that everything and everyone is constantly changing. If we only allow ourselves a fixed lived expeirence ie want things to stay the same we deprive ourselves of the creativeity and new life that is possbile if we open , let go of what was and see what is to come.
Debbie and Shauna know this from many of thier past experiences and this recent journey is no exception. Come and join us for a conversation about change and how allowing what is to create something so much more. Grab a tea or coffee settle into a comfy chair and let talk about change.
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