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Carbon neutrality should not be the end goal

Carbon neutrality should not be the end goal

Lessons for institutional climate action from U.S. higher education
Länge: 1:14:16
In this episode we interview two professors and researchers discussing a recently published paper in the journal One Earth entitled: “Carbon neutrality should not be the end goal: Lessons for institutional climate action from U.S. Higher education.” You’ll hear lead author Alex Baron of Smith College and co-author Aaron Strong from Hamilton College. We also want to recognize key collaborators and co-authors the who each made significant contributions the paper we discuss including Maya Domeshek and Lucy Metz who were students at Smith at the time of publication and Laura Drauker from the Boston-based non-profit Ceres.
Link to the paper: https://www.cell.com/one-earth/fulltext/S2590-3322(21)00472-3
Alexander R. Barron, et al. "Carbon Neutrality Should Not Be the End Goal: Lessons for Institutional Climate Action From U.s. Higher Education." One earth, v. 4 ,.9 pp. 1248-1258. doi: 10.1016/j.oneear.2021.08.014
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Erscheinungs­datum: 30.6.2022, 08:30:38


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