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108 Gems
Länge: 8:46
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Born in China in 1918, Venerable Master Shen Kai devoted his life to carrying out his compassionate vows of bringing us wisdom of the Buddha's teachings. He tirelessly travelled internationally answering requests for Dharma talks, wrote many books on Buddhist practice, and founded Jen Chen Buddhism centres, foundations and publishing houses in many countries. But the Venerable never sought fame or gain. He was a simple monk whose ways struck a powerful chord with people. He explained the profound Dharma in such a plain and simple manner that people understood its very essence, and were filled with brightness and inspiration to unfold their own wisdom. Out of deep respect and gratitude, Venerable Master Shen Kai is honoured as the 'Teacher of Buddhahood Sect World Jen Chen Buddhism'. And for his dedication in promoting a bliss culture for humanity, he is also honoured as the 'Bodhisattva of Bliss'. Today, Jen Chen Buddhism publications continue to be produced and overwhelmingly received globally. Venerable Master Shen Kai vowed to be a 'street cleaner' of the Saha world, to return to our human world lifetime after lifetime to cleanse and purify the human mind. He also hoped that many more Bodhisattvas-to-be will be inspired to join in the effort to bring about a bright and blissful world for all humanity; the pure land of our next Buddha, Maitreya.


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