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The Work of the Whole

The Work of the Whole

with Lynette Diaz
"We need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they're falling in.”
~Glennon Doyle
Hello again, Beloved Mend Community!
Oh, how quickly things shift and swirl and undulate and change in this time of Covid-19.  
Since the last time I shared with you, so much of the landscape has altered.
My own paid work situation - like many of you right now - has become uncertain.  Which is not to say, please don’t hear it this way - my life & wellbeing & ability for my family to meet our basic needs has become tennous.  No.  My family is blessed enough to have fishing poles in several small ponds, so to speak, so we are fine. 
But, in so many respects - in my own life and in the lives of those around me - the playing field has opened wide.  
The parameters are unknown.  
I don’t know what the world will look like when we are told it’s all right to step back into it.
I know that many of the former landmarks will have moved, fallen away, or been eviscerated in the wake of this crisis.
I don’t know how many of the people I know and love - who make their way in the world - and do their work - for a pittance of what they’re truly worth - and live humbly, paycheck to paycheck - I don’t know what awaits them at the end of this.  
In this country where we are starting to learn that even in the midst of death and massive economic downfall for many - our politicians somehow managed to word into our so-called “relief” bill tax cuts and aid for the wealthy, while those at the lower escalon of the prosperity gap are left to go beggaring.  
In this country, where many states are opting to move swiftly out of shelter-in-place orders simply because there’s no infrastructure to care for the people when the economy grinds to a halt.  And we instead, opt to send people back to their labors - potentially exposing them to greater harm and risk - to themselves and their loved ones - rather than provide them a safety net of any sort so they can do the important work of helping to flatten the curve right now.
In what effing civilized society do we ask people to make that choice?
My conversation today is from way back when in 2019 - when I was still a plucky, young 37-year old, in fact, and just venturing into this topic of WORK.  And I asked my friend, Lynette, to come on and talk to me about what she does in the world.  
Lynette Diaz is a community services advocate, group facilitator and citizen activist. Influenced by the immigration and public service stories of her Cuban family, she has been called to the arena of civic education and engagement since a young age. In the last ten years, Lynette has focused her energy into the field of child welfare and family well-being. She has served in different roles for both public and non-profit agencies, and is a certified Bridges Out of Poverty trainer. Currently, she serves as a community services supervisor for an initiative promoting early interventions to families who are experiencing both health and social-economic challenges. She is working on her Master’s in Public Administration, with hopes of promoting change at the policy level. 
Throughout her travels and various moves to different regions of the United States, Lynette has developed interests in local history, stories and cultural influences. She enjoys a good “walk and talk” phone conversation, living room dance parties, and roaming bookstores. She is motivated by a core value that humans are good simply because of our interconnectedness. 
We sat down, lo these many months ago, to talk about how the macro and the micro intersect.  How - as she turns her eyes toward policy making - and re-directing the systems that are in place so that they can begin to serve the people in our midst who are in such need - she also deeply values her time “on the ground floor”, so to speak.  She reflected upon why it is so very valuable to build up a depth
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We believe it is through our stories that we heal. Collectively. And individually, as well. Each of us holds one small thread of the larger tapestry - the unfolding Human Story. And perhaps, together - by sharing, listening, telling and bearing witness to the truths we all contain - we can mend the small corner we've been granted. We can gradually - one tale a time - stitch the pieces back together. So join us. Pull up a chair. Pour a glass. And listen.


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