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A Reflection on Being Present and Mindful

A Reflection on Being Present and Mindful

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The Leadership Vision Podcast is a weekly show sharing our expertise in discovering, practicing, and implementing a Strengths-based approach to people, teams, and culture. Contact us to talk to us about helping your team understand the power of Strengths.
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The Leadership Vision Podcast is about sharing our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of StrengthsFinder. Leadership Vision uses StrengthsFinder to work with people, teams, and culture. We believe that knowing your top 5 Strengths is only the beginning. A person's greatest potential lies in their ongoing exploration of talents. It is our objective to shape a culture that intentionally aligns people around a Strengths philosophy. We believe that ultimately it is on a team where people gain insight into others while sharpening their own Strengths potential, capacity, and influence.


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