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S00/E03 The Lost Episodes: Gingerbread Romance

S00/E03 The Lost Episodes: Gingerbread Romance

As James Bond once said—”I thought Christmas only came once a year.” We found a lost present inside the Starchives and we are unwrapping a magnum sized episode for you to ride all the way to work. Well, since most of us now work from home….take it to the bathroom, your bedroom, basement or even to your designated crying or snack room.
Enjoy the ins and outs of architecture using gingerbread and Tia or Tamera Mowry.
We watch A Gingerbread Romance!
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Hollywood has its message VERY wrong when portraying what architects and designers do in a day. starchitects:the podcast explores fact versus fiction with the professionals. How many interior designers (shoulder pads included) should work from the residential office of a sole proprietor? Would you pay for the services of an architect who signed off on a building where not only the electrical wiring is shot but the sprinklers won’t work unless you explode the water tanks on the roof (?!) using C4 (Paul Newman, I’m looking at you…)? Do you trust your developer moved the headstones AND the bodies? A&D (architecture and design) professionals Jeff Wolinski, Vince Galea, and Roberta Pennington are joined each episode with a hand-selected “starchitect” in our amazing basement studio in Portland, Oregon and try to tear down what the entertainment industry has built up.


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