The purpose of The Horse Cure is to bring all corners of the horse world together. Our guests are fancy and regular, English and Western, trainers, showmen, caretakers, encouragers, breeders, builders, entrepreneurs, healers, adrenaline junkies, visionaries, and coaches. We want to share our passion, our gifts, and our experiences and become better for it.
We love the time, effort, and strength horses require of us. We live for the days when everything goes perfectly, and we are one with the spectacular creatures that horses are. We know that on those rough days we will fall but get up again and that it makes us better people. We know love and heartache, sweat and dirt, and joy. We know they are a gift. We know there isn't a better view than from between two fuzzy ears. We know that there is nothing in the world softer and sweeter than the warm breath from a smooth nostril.
We know that horses are the cure for all that ails you.


Kein Eintrag