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4.1 The quest to level up

4.1 The quest to level up

Länge: 27:18
In this episode, we follow one company on a journey of growth. Nathan Chan is the CEO of Foundr Magazine, an online media and education business which is fast becoming the go-to online source for entrepreneurs and start-ups.
Over the years, Nathan had interviewed people like Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and Gary Vee. And Foundr had been producing great content and top-level training resources.
But in 2016, Nathan found himself struggling with an issue that all successful start-ups find themselves struggling with at some point in time: scaling. And that's where Steve McLeod comes in.
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A new show about startups founded in Melbourne scaling to global success.
What can founders, teams, investors and fellow Melbourne entrepreneurs learn from their success and failures?
Find out on Scale Up by LaunchVic.
More information go to www.launchvic.org
Season 1: Culture Amp - founded in 2012 to help medium to large companies scale and grow their culture. In 2018 they raised a $49 million Series C round.
Season 2: Redbubble - founded in 2006 as a three sided global artist marketplace with easy to use print on demand services. In 2016 Redbubble went public, listing on the ASX.
LaunchVic is Victoria's startup ecosystem development agency. It’s role is to help build the infrastructure for entrepreneurs and startups in Victoria.


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