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1992 at the Movies: A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT

1992 at the Movies: A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT

On October 16, 1992 the coastal elites of Hollywood were getting the flyover states wistful.
Länge: 31:09
Thirty years of Brad Pitt making everyone look ugly.
For some reason we decided to cheat a bit this week and fulfill a promise to Mr. Robert Redford and complete his own 1992 double feature after SNEAKERS with him behind the camera for A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT. He also talks all throughout this film as the narrator which offends our sensibilities as podcasters soooooo we take a dump on this movie. Which is easy because it's no SNEAKERS. Neither is it INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE which we talk about for a few minutes. As well as the "NO!" gunfight in a river in the all timer TOMBSTONE. And then another host brings up POOTIE TANG.
It all makes a bit more sense if you listen. That's a big if though after these show notes. Enjoy!
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