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185 - Monique (Follow-Up Episode 22) "Credit Card Debt Free and Focused on Saving"

185 - Monique (Follow-Up Episode 22) "Credit Card Debt Free and Focused on Saving"

Länge: 42:42
We have a great follow-up episode this week on the Future Rich podcast. CFP Barbara Ginty chats with NYC-based Nurse Practitioner Monique about how she became officially credit card debt free! The last time Monique was on the show was in February 2019. In the three years since she talked to Barb, she has moved from Philadelphia to New York and reduced her self-proclaimed "tornado" of debt to a much more manageable "rainstorm". Listen to find out where Monique is at with her savings goals and what her plans are to tackle her remaining debt.
Check out Monique's original episode (22) of the podcast HERE. [https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/future-rich/id1343803894?i=1000429455434]
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