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Shakti School Series | Becoming an Ayurvedic Health Coach

Shakti School Series | Becoming an Ayurvedic Health Coach

Länge: 20:34
It has been a minute since I've checked in with you guys here on the Namaste podcast. Lots of life changes and business growth. Today I am filling you in on my latest venture - Shakti School with Katie Silcox. I am so thrilled to be pouring into myself so that I can pour into more women and help them heal their lives. I am also giving you guys an exclusive personal update that hasn't been shared anywhere else yet - stay tuned until the end! 
I am manifesting faster than ever before and I am so happy to have you along with me for the ride! 
Let connect on IG: @KatieJohnita
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Namaste with Katie J is a personal archive of Katie's work as an entrepreneur, healer, creator, and guide. Inside you'll hear the behind the scenes of her life, struggles, triumphs, and lessons along the way.


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