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Ep50 - DR JOHN DEMARTINI - Frustration Is A Gift

Ep50 - DR JOHN DEMARTINI - Frustration Is A Gift

Why Now Is The Perfect Time For You To - LIVE YOUR GIFT
Länge: 38:36
Troy Devine & Dr John Demartini - Frustration Is A Gift
You will become inspired and want to go 'All In' on your craft after listening to this episode of the SOUL GIFT PODCAST.
Draw some inspiration from today's (returning) guest - Dr John Demartini as he discusses with Troy, where to Live Your Gift to Lift The world.
Discover, Unlock and Unleash Your SOULGIFT with the KEYS:
1. INTRO - (:30 mins)
2. Living By A Set Of Priorities & Values - (4:30 mins)
2. Adapting To Adversity - (6:30 mins)
3. Taking Charge & How - (8:30 mins)
4. Finding Mastery  - (10:00mins)
5. Dr Demartini's Personal Workout  - (11:00 mins)
6. Setting Real Goals - (16:00 mins)
7. High Priority Actions Not Low Priority Distractions- (19:10 mins)
10. Time To Listen To Your Crazies- (21:00)
11. Spreadsheet The Year Ahead - (21:30 mins)
12. A Reality Check - (23:00 mins)
13. Landing A Publishing Deal - (25:30mins)
14. A Bestseller In 19 Countries In One Day - (28:00 mins)
15. Finding The Answer Faster - (29:00)
16. Taking Notes That Count - (30:00 mins)
17. Organising Your Information For Massive Reward - (31:00 mins)
18. Who's On The The Ship 'The World' - (33:00 mins)
Most powerfully of all, you will gain the energy and spark required to continue on your own path.
THE 5 BE's
1. BE HONEST - Take a look through Self awareness
2. BE OPEN - It's ok to be different
3. BE RECEPTIVE - Lessons to be learnt
4. BE CREATIVE - During the hard times, look for opportunities to become creative.
5. BE YOU - It's ok to be different !!
Why .... Well because you have a 'Soul Gift' my friend !!
Dr John demartini - (Frustration Is A Gift) 
Today we speak with Dr John Demartini about how to get involved with Owning Your Time & Life. Find your soul gift in life and live aligned with your highest priority.
Dr Demartini gives us FREE EDUCATION Today !!
Today's big topics:
1. HAVE CONVICTION - Step Hard & Step Fast
2. GO ALL-IN ON YOU - Believe You Are Worth It
3. 3 STEPS TO GREATNESS - Know Your 3 Items
4. WILLINGNESS - Be Willing To Do The Work
5. WISDOM - Use Divine Wisdom
The SOUL GIFT Podcast wants to align you with your calling ...
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