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What's Happening with Rocky

What's Happening with Rocky

Länge: 36:40
Rocky and Larry discussion the world in relationship to being a Server Leader in today climate.  The world, two stores, the family and how to get Larry married.
Spiritual Life is important. 
Rocky needs to watch The Chosen.  
Larry has and it has had a profound effect on his life and understanding the Bible.
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Erscheinungs­datum: 24.11.2021, 15:00:00


A Server's Journey started after years of taking the wrong path. Rocky DeStefano combines the lessons he’s learned in over thirty four years of leadership into this one hope: that he can help lessen the learning curve for people in all levels of the service community. Join us in the studio to take deep dives with our special guests into what makes the best leaders of our time not just good, but great. Week by week, our producers strive to gather in one place the top knowledge on employee retention, customer satisfaction, bottom line growth, company culture, community service, and more.


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