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Sterling's Secret Speakeasy

Sterling's Secret Speakeasy

Länge: 10:26
Join us as we chat with our friend Sterling about he and his wife's hidden-door speakeasy, the R-Bar!
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Erscheinungs­datum: 10.3.2023, 07:00:00


Welcome to the only podcast dedicated to ‘blind’ reviews of bourbon and whiskey under $60! Twice a week, we go past all the marketing hype and get ‘behind-the-bottle’ to review some of the most affordable and allocated bottles on the market today. In addition to unbiased and honest reviews, we’ll talk with distillers, industry leaders, entertainers and even a few special guests along the way! So leave those pretentious tasting notes at the door and grab a glass of your favorite pour as everyday whiskey enthusiasts JP, JD and D-Rock explore the affordable side of whiskey, bourbon and rye!


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