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Goofy Guy Spring

Goofy Guy Spring

Länge: 1:17:55
This week Keegan, Cassi and Christina talk about Pedro Pascal thirst, EmRata and Eric Andre and the possible breakup of MGK and Megan Fox. The FMK this week is goofballs Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell and Jeff Goldblum.
Going into the bad dates, Christina shares a guide dog's worst date, Cassi share a date with the hottest girl at school and Keegan shares a date with no phone and a love for milk. Christina wraps it up in the true crime segment, Tainted Love with the story of Catherine Hayes.
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Ever been on a crazy bad date? You're not alone! Join Keegan, Christina, and Cassi as they dish about pop culture, relationships, and share stories of the worst dating disasters with a dose of true crime.