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37: Marina Abramović • IMMATERIAL • Part II: Conjunction

37: Marina Abramović • IMMATERIAL • Part II: Conjunction

Länge: 1:06:31
This is Part 2 of a three part series about the legend of performance art: Marina Abramović. On this episode, we explore her intense relationship and art partnership with Ulay. The narrative weaves its way through their thirteen year collaboration, focusing on their early years, first performances together, and their Art Vital manifesto which encapsulated their life and art.
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Research Sources:
Walk Through Walls: A memoir by Marina Abramović
When Marina Abramović Dies by James Westcott
Marina Abramović Writings 1960 - 2014
Psychoanalyst Meets Marina Abramović by Jeannette Fischer
Documentary: No Predicted End
Audio Editor: Marisa Ferdenzi
All Music by MJDorian
Written & Produced by MJDorian
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Executive Producer: Mike Hill
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Beautiful and Deep

Highly recommended podcast. MJDorian, if you read this - your work is loved, mate. Especially your episodes on CG Jung are anong the best anyone can find on the web. Inspiring.

This Podcast is a masterpiece!

Deep, intellectual, delicate, magical, creative…honoring each genius in its own way.
MjDorian you are a star! ✨


You are absolutely amazing and this podcast is truly amazing. Thank you for the two episodes about Carl Jung.
Much Love

Close-up examination of a twisted mind

MJDorian takes us into the life of a certain artist with every episode, mostly starting with their childhood, to find answers to why they did what and the way they did, unearthing methods of creativity on his way.
Lovingly made podcast with a personal touch. Absolutely recommended!