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Tara Pokras - Episode 8 🇬🇧 « Getting people to think back to those pivotal moments »

Tara Pokras - Episode 8 🇬🇧 « Getting people to think back to those pivotal moments »

Länge: 53:09
I’ve discovered Tara Pokras and the work that she's doing, Period portraits, over the past summer.
Period portraits is "a storytelling project focusing on challenging and breaking down the stigma of menstruation through vulnerable interviews and empowering photographed portraits". When I saw what she created I immediately related to it and felt a strong connexion: the association between the visuals and the words, the diversity of women portrayed on the gallery.
Then, she happened to be in Berlin for the 1st festival ever on the topic; organized by the Menstrual Health Hub. The opportunity was too good to just let it pass!
The link to her website: https://www.periodportraits.org/
To her Patreon, in order to support the upcoming initiatives: https://www.patreon.com/periodportraits
With Tara we covered a lot of things:
- How to create a safe space for stories to come up
- The beginning of Period Portrait project 1,5 years ago
- Her own menstrual experiences
- How to get people into this topic: How to reach out beyond women
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Comment vit-on les règles aujourd'hui? Comment les vivre sereinement? Et au fait qu’est ce que le sang menstruel? Comment se représente t-on les règles? Quels sont les silences, les tabous liés à ce sujet? Je m'appelle Diahala et ce podcast est né d’un constat simple: les règles, on en parle que trop peu pour quelque chose qui arrive somme toute assez souvent. Car les règles, c’est en moyenne 2400 jours dans la vie d’une femme. Dans chaque épisode je vais à la rencontre d’une personne qui entretient un rapport particulier aux règles. Toutes les deux semaines.


Such an amazing podcast

It's decisive, clear, well produced and the content is necessary, honest and just on point.
Thank you for reminding me how strong we are as women, and that shame surrounding our bodies are just a tool to make us weaker.
Thank you Diahala