Love, Dating & Relationship support, guidance, advice and tips with Lyn Smith – The Queen of HEARTS.
Lyn cares and personally understands what it’s like to have suffered sexual violence (in her teens) and how that negatively affected her personal relationships; she subsequently turned all that around and now has a lasting healthy relationship which is full of passion, intimacy and fulfilment.
If you’ve ever had:
*Unhealthy relationships full of drama and conflicts
*Unfulfilling relationships where there has been little or no passion or
*Real healthy passion in a relationship and want to know how you can you re-ignite the flame
Lyn’s been there and is here to help you heal past hurts, traumas and heartbreak and attract/ create the healthy deep loving relationship you truly want and deserve.
She’s on a mission to make a positive global impact in reducing divorce, domestic violence & suicide.
So if you want real, healthy passion, intimacy and fulfilment in your love life and are open to listening to the wisdom of some controversial truths about relationships delivered in Lyn’s easy to understand – makes a lot of sense – style, then we invite you to listen the 'HEARTS Entwined’ podcast….


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