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098: 5 brain secrets to help your marketing

098: 5 brain secrets to help your marketing

The Inside Out Entrepreneur™ Podcast with Suzi Witt
Länge: 34:37
Today, I am talking about brains - yep there is no surprise there is there.
But specifically I am talking about why your online marketing may not be working and how you can improve your marketing by understanding these 5 secrets of the human mind.
Listen in to find out more.
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How do you start, build and grow a successful online business that makes you money? How do you become a better business person? How do you find customers online and then know what they will buy?
How do you move forward when you struggle with everything from self doubt, lack of confidence and limiting beliefs to full on self sabotage? Why does your brain feel like it isn’t working properly sometimes? How do you silence your inner critic? How do you get more motivation, direction and focus in your life?
Welcome to the Inside Out Entrepreneur show where each week, podcast host and multi 7 figure online business owner Suzi Witt discusses everything about starting, building and growing an online business from the inside out.
From email marketing, building a team, creating online courses and online marketing - right through to how you successfully manage those tasks by building up your mindset, productivity and mental health to cope with the demands of entrepreneurship, this is where you will find a warts and all journey about building an online business based on the honest truth.
If you are someone who is determined to take control of your career, income and life and kick some ass to get to where you want to be, you will find the support you need here. Are you in?
Great, hit subscribe and get ready to change your life and business from the inside out.


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