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E175: A Beautiful Mind! Bill Ottman --- CEO and Co-founder of Minds

E175: A Beautiful Mind! Bill Ottman --- CEO and Co-founder of Minds

Länge: 1:28:11
Grade A Nation has the honor of welcoming Bill Ottman on to the podcast. Bill is the CEO and co-founder of the social networking app called Minds. Bill is definitely a polymath with keen insights into a lot of different things, which makes him a Grade A podcast guest! 
We discuss:
-Acquiring the Minds.com domain name and the chaotic domain name market
-The purpose of Minds as a social platform, with an emphasis on free expression and creator monetization
-Minds integrating with the decentralized relay protocol Nostr that can eventually bring about interoperability between a variety of social media platforms to create a broader community of conversation
-Minds attempting to facilitate commissioned work in a way different from platforms like Cameo
-How Minds might be a viable option for small and medium-sized content creators to develop a larger following
-Trying to overcome the skepticism people have about Web3 projects
-Preparing oneself for a potential severe collapse in economic markets if that were to occur
-The crypto market having long-term benefits in that it is not being propped up, which allows for authentic correction
-Energy and financial independence being forms of national security
-Willingness to work with Elon Musk and Twitter
-Thoughts on mass media portrayals of himself and Elon Musk as enabling those that are politically on the far-right, and whether Twitter has saboteurs from the inside
-Why the decisions of people like Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg have undermined an honest and free exchange of ideas
-Views on why Hive and Mastodon are darlings of the mass media in recent times
-How deplatforming makes radicalization worse
-People assuming he is a conservative extremist simply for appearing on The Joe Rogan Experience and Tucker Carlson Tonight
-How being a CEO has been a process of personal growth
-Whether TikTok should be removed from markets like the U.S.
-The inability for artists to stop similar works being created with advances in technology like AI
-Concerns for society moving forward
-Predictions on the 2024 U.S. presidential election
And actually quite a bit more in this extensive and entertaining conversation. To learn more about Minds.com --- go to, you guessed it, https://www.minds.com/
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