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The Integrated Systemic Hero's Journey Model

The Integrated Systemic Hero's Journey Model

Länge: 6:17
Change is not easy.
Many individuals and couples are lacking a blueprint for long-term systemic change.
In this talk, we integrate Joseph Campbell's Hero Journey monomyth with systemic change concepts and our Potential State ideas and present our integrated systemic hero's journey model.
Practical tips will help you recognize which stage you are in the journey and how to advance toward your goals.
Good luck!
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Erscheinungs­datum: 28.3.2022, 13:00:00


Welcome to the Potential State Podcast with Dr. Assael and Galit Romanelli. Here we will explore different ways to enrich your relationship with yourself and others through psychology, psychotherapy, improvisation, spontaneity, art, communication skills, NLP, and more. In every talk, we share experiences, thoughts, realizations, and learnings from our marriage as well as from Assael's work as a therapist, trainer, and performer. Come join us to enrich your relationships today.


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