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Got Fertility? Why fibroids have become so Common.

Got Fertility? Why fibroids have become so Common.

Länge: 58:55
Cecili Simmons EL dives into societal conditioning, pressure and more regarding the womb, fertility and the energetic links to why fibroids have become so prevalent. Order Teas + Fibroid Detox Smoothie Powder here: https://fibroidfreedom.bigcartel.com For 90 Day Fibroid Coaching, visit: www.OperationFibroidFreedom.com and click on the services tab.
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Erscheinungs­datum: 28.11.2022, 21:14:06


A podcast conversation hosted by Cecili Simmons exploring natural fibroid elimination, the mystical wisdom, and power of the sacred womb from mindset of a modern-day woke Wombman.


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