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Soldiers of Fortune

Soldiers of Fortune

Länge: 59:33
On today’s episode, Paul and Kate take us to Revolutionary War times where we explore the case of an affluent woman trapped in an unhealthy marriage who meets a young wayward soldier.  Adding the politics of the time, multiple hit men, and an American judicial landmark, this case is not to be missed. 
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Buried Bones dissects some of history’s most dramatic true crime cases from centuries ago. Together, journalist Kate Winkler Dawson and retired investigator Paul Holes explore these very old cases through a 21st century lens.


This is so good!

Two episodes in and this podcast is ready killing it! This is so good!

Great storytelling

I love the format. Great to guess along with Paul. It’s riveting and cozy at the same time!

Dumbest podcast

Zoey winchester
Move to the middle east with your alphabet people

Great true crime podcast!

Each episode concentrates on one case. Either they’re still looking for the murderer or more victims in the listeners might be able to help out. You find out all the information you need for the case. The two men have soothing professional voices.

Can‘t Wait!

I have been pumped for weeks and now there are only a few hours left before Ep 1 is online... I‘m so excited!!!

So excited!

Lua Soo
Can’t wait for your podcast to start... lots of love from Berlin!