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Unlock The Greatness Within: Becoming Friends With Change

Unlock The Greatness Within: Becoming Friends With Change

Länge: 5:22
Change does not need to be something we are fearful of. Sarah Grynberg explains why stepping into the unknown is actually stepping into possibility. Listen to hear why the unknown is something we should embrace not dread, and how in that place of acceptance we make room for life’s true beauty.
If you want more wisdom on becoming friends with change, then listen to A Life Of Greatness episode where Sarah speaks with:Dr Joe Dispenza: https://bit.ly/371CVqh
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We all yearn to live a great life, but what does that actually look like and how can we all lead one? In A Life of Greatness, host Sarah Grynberg interviews some of the world's chief thought-leaders, sports legends, entertainers, best selling authors and inspiring spiritual minds as they explain how they have overcome challenges, conquered self-limiting beliefs and connected with a deeper sense of self to achieve greatness in their lives, and provide practical tips and advice for how you can too.


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