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Charles & Nicholas - Episode 2

Charles & Nicholas - Episode 2

Länge: 1:01:29
Charles interviews Aucha Stewart and Kim Noah of the Child Care Planning Project. The discussion addresses the project’s roots, PBSC’s involvement, and discussions on bias. Tune in for a unique dialogue on these topics and more!
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Erscheinungs­datum: 12.5.2020, 00:03:41


Join a cast of stellar Windsor Law students every Friday at 12 noon on CJAM radio (99.1 FM in Windsor/Detroit) for interviews with local organizations and other student volunteers making positive change.
Pro Bono Students Canada matches law student volunteers with organizations in the Windsor area with a need for legal services, including public interest and non-profits. All students complete projects assigned by the organization under the supervision of a lawyer.
Episode Intro and Outro by Nick Thorburn.


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