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Lawn Made

Lawn Made

Länge: 27:51
We are live from Kevin's backyard for the Making of a Lawn season finale! Chris and Kevin kick back on the patio and talk about how the lawn is looking since the season started back in April and what it took to get the grass looking like it does. Kevin invited some coworkers over for burgers, dogs, and lawn games so we get their opinion on the lawn too. We also dive into our favorite lawn games and best cookout foods. Thanks for listening all season long. Hopefully your lawn is looking just as good as Kevin's.
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Do you wish you had a healthier, greener lawn? So does Star 99.9’s Kevin Begley! Join him on his journey to having a yard he can be proud of with the help of the experts at Teed & Brown this spring. Chris Brown offers his analysis, tips to combating common lawn issues, and strategies to help lay the foundation for that perfect lawn this spring.


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